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See full list on writingcooperative. wordy definition , given to the use of many, too many, characterized by words; verbose: she grew impatient at his wordy reply. see full list on blog. what is wordiness in writing? but native wordy writing speakers are also prone toward wordy sentences by employing nominalizations. using wordy writing a noun instead of a verb can bloat a sentence and obscure who did what to whom. turning nouns wordy into verbs can restore vigor and concision to wordy your writing if we just try. sist the urge to use longer fancier expressions when a shorter word phrase will do. as william zinsser pointed out in “ on writing well: here are some wordy phrases to avoid recast the sentence) at the present time as of this writing at the time of publication at the current time at this point in time replace with: now, understand the fact that it doesn’ wordy writing t have replace with: its lack of, its omission of ( ,/ , along with more concise alternatives: in terms of when it comes to as far as wordy [ x] is concerned replace with: regarding( , currently has the ability to is able to is capable of has the capability to replace with: can in the near future not too long from now replace with: soon ( , be more specific about when) the fact that replace with: delete “ the fact” ” , recast the sentence despite the fact that replace with: although, even though the reason why is that replace with: because be aware of the fact that replace with: note, better yet recast the sentence) in light of the f. many great authors have used foreshadowing, a writing technique in which a writer includes hints in the text letting readers know what will happen at the end of the story.

write your essay. essay buying online. these hints can be very clear , forthright they can be exceedingly subtle. in an example of very clear foreshadowing his party: ‘ be good, when gandalf tells bilbo wordy writing baggins , jrr tolkien included this text in his book the hobbit, take care of yourselves— don’ t leave the path’. of course his companions leave the path, bilbo which readers can see coming due to the emphasis tolkien used in the original warning. shakespeare’ s romeo we can refer to romeo’ s line, ‘ my life were better ended by their hate, than death prorogued, juliet includes numerous instances of foreshadowing; as one example wanting of thy love’. this subtly references the end of the play in which romeo juliet both end their lives due to their family’ s efforts to keep them apart. perhaps you’ re not writing the next romeo and ju. the two meanings of wordiness. " wordiness has two meanings for the writer. you are wordy when you are redundant ' last may during the spring, ' , ' little kittens' , such as when you write ' very unique.

' " wordiness for the writer also means using long words when there are good short ones available, using uncommon words when familiar ones are. whether intentional a tendency to use nominalizations, whether due to a first language influence , unintentional wordy writing wordiness can befall us all. but what is the problem with wordiness? in short wordiness detracts from the coherence quality of your writing. it frustrates the reader who is trying to grasp quickly wordy writing what you have written. some prepositions are redundant because they are included in the definition of the verb. as zinsser observed: here are some examples of prepositions we can eliminate because they’ re included in the definition of the verb: beat out → beat start off → start match up → match head up → head finish up → finish enter into → enter exit out of → exit depart from → depart permeate through → permeate escape from → escape flee from → flee orbit around → orbit clean up → clean shout out → shout jump up → jump sit down → sit. additionally, qualifiers may result in wordiness if they are overused in sentences. conventionally adverbs to enhance , qualifiers are used before an adjective reduce the quality of the modified word. english writers often overuse intensifying qualifiers such as “ really” or “ very” which distracts the readers by making the sentences too wordy. “ great” is one word. “ very good” is two.

“ really really good” is just a wordy way to say “ excellent ” isn’ t it? learning how to replace the intensifying words with one potent word is essential in reducing wordiness. if you feel the need to use intensifiers like “ really” “ very ” it is time to improve your vocabulary. for english as second language learners especially it is imperative to focus more time on learning potent words as opposed to many mediocre words. logorrhea is considered a form wordiness which involves the deliberate use of long sentences or overly abstract wording. both wordy writing qualifiers and adjectives are overused to create s. e full list on wordy. wordiness can have several causes long, complex sentences can sometimes be difficult for readers to understand. there wordy writing is no rule that academic writing cannot wordy use short, clear sentences. in fact " authors seeking publication students completing assignments increase their chances of success when they write concisely" ( american. writing concise sentences directions: rewrite the following sentences in the text- areas provided. when you are finished with each sentence ( wordy if you wish, click on grammar' s version, wait until you' ve done them all) which will reveal how we might have rewritten the sentence to achieve a more concise statement.

wordy birdy reading lesson ideas! these kindergarten first grade, second- grade ideas for a close read are easy to prepare. student writing response pages and discussion stems are included. retelling , reading comprehension craft lessons too. interesting short speeches. a writer can avoid being too wordy by reading through each paragraph and striking out any word that does not add to the meaning of the paragraph. cut out all filler words. filler words represent words which sneak between relevant phrases in a sentence but are essentially useless. you can be sure you are removing filler words because when you cut them out the sentence still makes grammatical sense. the removal of fillers can do a lot to improve the quality of a sentence.

for example in a sentence starting with “ it is commonly believed that. college essay review services. ” the word “ commonly” represents a filler wordy writing which may be removed without altering the meaning of the sentence. how do i make my writing less wordy? discussion in ' word mechanics ' started by theonewhotriestoohard, at 4: 27 am. something i' ve noticed that i struggle with is the brevity of my writing. what is a wordy writer? engaging text jumps off the page and ensnares readers. using personification , idea, animal, which involves giving a thing anything else that isn’ t human qualities that are normally associated with people ( e.

text can’ t jump). a famous example of personification comes from e. white’ s charlotte’ s web: ‘ “ you have been my friend ” replied charlotte “ that in itself is a tremendous thing. ” ’ in this book a spider, charlotte is given the human ability to speak; note that the personification of animals is sometimes referred to as anthropomorphism. exercise : eliminating wordiness exercise 1. revise these sentences to state their meaning in fewer words. avoid passive voice needless repetition, , wordy phrases clauses. grammarly’ s conciseness checks are designed to detect wordiness offer you simple concise alternatives to get your message across effectively. curious about the difference between a clear concise sentence a wordy one? below are three of the top offenders when it comes to wordy writing.

how to start off an abstract. unnecessary phrases. similes are like metaphors ‘ as’ both have the letter ‘ s’ in them) ; a metaphor, ‘ as’ ( you can remember this rule by remembering that ‘ simile’ , on the other hand, except similes must include a connecting word such as ‘ like’ just says that one thing is another thing. a famous example of a simile is from the poem ‘ a red red rose’ by robert burns: ‘ o my luve’ s like a red, red rose / that’ s newly sprung in june’. e full list on study. words are an indispensable component of a well- functioning society. they allow for communication, which is essential for groups of people to work together. imagine going through a day without speaking or writing a single word to another human being. wouldn' t that be frustrating? having established the importance of words, we must also discuss how using words haphazardly can be nearly as bad as having no words at all. this disposable sort of thinking wordy can lead to wordiness, which occurs when more wordy words are used than necessary to convey a message. for instance, look at jfk' s famous quote: 1.

' ask not what wordy your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. ' imagine if he said this instead: 1. don' t worry about all the benefits of living in the united states that you may be able to take advantage of at some point in your life, but instead focus on how you as an individual will be able to improve the community of people living in this region of north america. you shouldn’ t use negatives in your writing. use positive words in your writing. now there’ s a boost to your writing style and your mood. 3 excessively fancy words. fancy words are fun. they make us feel smart.

they remind us that we took the sat despite the tribulations of the egregious experience, , passed with equanimity aplomb. what are ' wordy phrases' in writing? wordiness says robert hartwell fiske, is " arguably the biggest obstacle to clear writing , speaking" ( 101 wordy phrases ). examples observations " ' no one can resist me ' he had to admit. slick write is a powerful free application that makes it easy to check your writing for grammar errors, , potential stylistic mistakes other features of interest. whether you' re a blogger student writing an essay for school, , seo professional, novelist slick write can help take your writing to the next level. zinsser summarized it well: “ examine every word you put on paper, ” he wrote. “ you’ ll find a surprising number that don’ t serve any purpose. ” [ author’ s note: after publishing this post l encountered dozens more phrases that could be shortened eliminated. click hereto read my follow- up to this post, which includes 80 more phrases to avoid in your writing. after you have fixed any repeating words ideas, look for unnecessary words which are any words that can be removed without changing the meaning of a sentence. these are words that aren' t needed.

consider the following sentences: 1. she knew that the class was ending in five minutes. she knew the class was ending in five wordy writing minutes. the word thatwas removed completely from the second sentence, but the meaning remained intact. another instance of unnecessary words often occurs when a phrase can be shortened to just one word, as follows: 1. as is often the case, students use any excuse for not doing their homework. often, students use any excuse for not doing their homework. the second sentence replaces the whole beginning phrase with one word: often. lastly many qualifiers, can either be removed altogether , which are words that attribute a quality to another word replaced with more appropriate words. adverbs like very , extremely are common qualifiers.

read these exampl. wordy hyperbole is the best, most exciting literary writing technique authors can use. well, not really. it involves using exaggeration to make a point or get an idea across to your reader. have you ever heard someone say they had to ‘ wait forever’ for something to happen? they were using hyperbole. we can find an example of hyperbole in w. auden’ s ‘ as i walked one evening’ : ‘ i’ ll love you dear, i’ ll love you / till china africa meet’.

china africa would never meet in the narrator’ s lifetime; thus he’ s using exaggeration to show that he will love the person he’ s speaking to for his entire lifetime. for writers, finding a way to compare two things is sometimes a battle. luckily they can use metaphors, which are figures of speech in which writers describe refer to something by mentioning something else. the connection between the two things referred to in the metaphor might not be readily apparent. writers have been using metaphors to compare things to each other for a very long time; for example, shakespeare wrote the famous metaphor ‘ all the world’ s a stage’. the world isn’ t literally a stage; he’ s comparing the world to a stage on which men women are actors making the line a metaphor. wordy: the reason that general lee invaded pennsylvania in june 1863was to draw the army of the potomac away from richmond. revised: general lee invaded pennsylvania in june 1863 to draw the army of the potomac away from richmond. wordy: tom jones is a novel by fielding that comically portrays english society in the eighteenth century.

wordiness can also be due to the learner’ s first language. in french for example “ la mere de mon ami” can be translated as “ the mother of my friend. ” this word- for- word translation uses five words to say what a native speaker would say in three: my friend’ s mother. a great research topic is the main key to a great psychology wordy research paper. a good research topic is focused informative , interesting, unique fit to be used in your paper. topics that are too easy or narrow in scope will not have much content to talk about. when you will be writing your paper on these topics it is sure that your research paper proposal idea will be selected by the professors easily. students are given to write so many different types of research paper on criminal law and each type can be written by taking upon a topic from this list given below. listed below are some cell biology research topics: 1.

molecular cell biology of diabetic complications 2. cell biology of neurogenesis 3. cell biology of extracellular matrix 4. cholesterol transport protein with expanding role in cell biology 5. cell biology and molecular basis of denitrification 6. cytokines and endothelial cell biology 7. cell biology of atherosclerosis 8. cell biology of macrophage activation 9. translating cell biology into therapeutic advances in alzheimer’ s disease 10. see full list on papersowl. choose the quotations you want to use in the paper with care.

avoid summarizing. use quotes to highlight a specific phrase. quote important evidence. be clear when using quotes. write the quote here, with a way to introduce it: 2. write a paraphrase here ( remember to keep the same meaning) : 3. write your analysis here ( look for the subtle, key parts of the quote) : type; importance; 4. write your evaluation here ( prove why the quote is important in relation to your thesis) : 5. repeat for the rest of your text- based.

how to use quotes in a research paper quoting material taking the exact words from an original source is called quoting. you should quote material when you believe the way the original author expresses an idea is the most effective means of communicating the point you want to make. if you want to borrow an wordy writing idea from an author,. if you need to quote something that already includes a quotation in it the end of the complete quotation, , then place the regular \ \ " double\ \ " quotation marks at the beginning use special \ \ " single\ \ " quotation marks for the quote within the quote. it looks like this:. what is good poetry? what is the history of poetry? welcome to famous poets and poems! we are glad to see you here.

this site is dedicated to poetry to the people who make poetry possible: poets wordy writing their readers. famouspoetsandpoems. com is a free poetry site. on our site you can find a large collection of poems and quotes from over 631 wordy writing poets. read and enjoy poetry! poetry arranged for its meaning, sound, literature that evokes a concentrated imaginative awareness of experience , an emotional response through language chosen , rhythm. poetry is a vast subject , present wherever religion is present, as old as history possibly the primal form of languages themselves. andrews library, first floor. wooster, oh 44691. creative writing defined an example of creative writing differentiating between novels plays, poems notable writing technique in great expectations; classifying academic papers in wordy regards to. creative writing syllabus & rubric ( pdf for viewing) creative writing syllabus & rubric ( pdf for printing) this is the syllabus i was never given in my university course.

after meditating on my own slow and sporadic epiphanies on the subject of writing. university essay introduction. creative writing process for powerpoint presentation definition posted by passive voice essay on 7 august 6: 11 pm toysus is woe well as articles of furniture, for example to an intense anti.

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